From Thursday 03 September 2015, Teams will each receive a dedicated vehicle; either 15-seater vans, sedans and/or pick-up trucks, with driver(s).  The number of vehicles for each Team is dependent on the number of team members (indicative allocation below).  Each vehicle comes with a designated driver(s).

Example:  Team size allocation (excluding Rugby 7s):

1-10 members = van

11-15 members = sedan and van

16-25 members = two vans and sedanand so on

Teams with Rugby 7s will receive a dedicated van each with driver(s) for both, if applicable, the Men’s team and Women’s team.  Team vehicles are authorised to enter all Sporting Venues and park at any designated available parking area.  Parking spaces are not guaranteed and are on a first come, first parked basis.  Each Team must coordinate with their drivers’ pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

 CGA Team members are not permitted to drive official SYG2015 vehicles.

Further information will be provided mid-2015


SCYG2015 Shuttle Bus Service accesses all Games Accommodation and Sporting Venues, and runs approximately within a 20 minute loop system.  There are special bus stops at each Games Accommodation and Sporting Venue and all SCYG2015 accredited persons are eligible to use the service free of charge.  This service may also be used by the general public with tickets for SCYG2015 events. Further information will be provided mid-2015.


VIP/Games Family accredited persons are provided with transport by way of a T1 or T2 service.   Both the CGA President and General Secretary will have a dedicated, non-transferable, vehicle and driver.  In the case that the actual President or General Secretary does not attend the Games, then their representatives will not be eligible for this privilege.

All VIP/Games Family are also welcome to use the Shuttle Bus Service, if they so wish.

Further information will be provided mid-2015.


Taxis are abundant around Apia and offer their services at a very good rate; however, the taxis do not use meters so it is best to have an idea what the journey costs before setting off.  From the Tuana’imato Sports Facility to the centre of Apia, the cost is approximately SAT8.00 (approximately USD3.50). Carrying small bills or coins is advisable as the taxi drivers may not carry change.

Local buses, coming in a variety of different colours, are also a great way to get around and provide a uniquely Samoan experience.  Usually bus stops are easily located and if not, buses can be waved down to stop for you.  Games accreditation does not provide free local bus transport in Samoa; fares must be paid as you leave the bus and usually cost SAT2.00 (approximately USD.80).

Both taxis and local buses are paid for by the user; SCYG2015 will not cover the costs of taxis or local buses.